Monday, April 25, 2011

Think back to August 27th........

It really does not seem that long ago, I have a quick video clip attached of that morning at about 5am. We are loading the first of four of our horses from here at Longview that were going to Colorado State University for the training program that leads into the Legends of Ranching Sale. This gelding is Kool N Lucky, and this was the last time I saw him in person. I am really excited to see him and the other three horses that went to Colorado this year because the transformation is amazing. The sale is this weekend and we are making preparations to head out West to see our horses again before they are sold and go to their new homes! The program assigns a student to a green horse and with guidance trains them for general purpose riding use. The students then organize and participate in the Legends sale/auction to sell the horses they trained in the program. I am looking forward to meeting the students that had our horses, and seeing the horses again.

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