Monday, April 16, 2012

Already Finished!

Our research farm is designed to bring innovative new products to market that have been "horse tested and proven" before they ever get to our customers. Our horses get to lead the way, trying innovative products years before they actually hit the retail market. Part of understanding how horses grow and develop is having broodmares and babies, the same way that many of our customers on breeding and foaling operations do. Simply talking and reading about how foals grow and develop holds very little clout in the research world, however if you have been breeding and foaling horses for as long as we have (45 years of breeding registered quarter horses) you get a much better understanding of how young horses grow and develop. I enjoy spring when we have the chance to see how our foals turn out, and get the chance to select and breed for the next year. The long nights of waiting for foals and checking mares seem to go on forever, then all of a sudden its gone until next year. This video clip is from last week when we had our last foal of the year.

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