Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Is it really you??

Year end work at the farm is typically pretty crazy. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up with paperwork, and on top of the paperwork we have a bunch of horses to take care of. This time of year in our part of the country is kind of tough on the horses because of big swings in temperature and the amount of moisture that we get, so the normal workload is amplified to make sure all of our horses are happy and comfortable! Most businesses slow down or take a break for the next couple of weeks, but for us it is just business as usual- research projects to work on and horses to take care of. Because we run full staff on holidays we try to make the most of the holiday season by having a little fun here and there. In the picture above, Santa (aka Chubby) is visiting Charlotte (one of our weanlings). He brought her all kinds of good stuff including some Ultium Growth and Nicker Makers. Chubby is a 16 year old quarter horse that does treadmill and palatability work for us. Charlotte is also a quarter horse that has been doing some growth and development work for us by eating Ultium Growth while we measure the rate at which she is growing. Every horse here has a job, whether it is growing young horses, or older horses. They all help us understand more every day about how to make products that can make a difference for you and your horse. So from all of us here at the farm, Happy Holidays!

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