Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Purina!
I love incorporating my animals into holiday cards, and I get asked from time to time how we actually get some of them done, especially the photos of the pony in Christmas lights and eating the snowman’s nose.  Here are my secrets:

Step one- Delegate: Get your poor husband involved and make him do the heavy lifting and construction-

Step two- Training: With a halter and lead, feed the pony carrots closer and closer to the snowman’s head, until the horse realizes that carrots come from that area.
Step three- careful editing: Snap lots of photos, then cut yourself out of the picture! (I am just to the right of the snowman on this one)
And for the famous Christmas light photo, we simply used a handful of Equine Senior® horse feed, followed by a dry block of Hydration Hay® blocks to get her to stand still.  I am sure that you weren't aware of that benefit of feeding a hay block!  
We hope you enjoy the holiday season with all your family, friends and animals as we do.  Merry Christmas

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