Thursday, May 19, 2011

EHV-1/EHM Breaking News

8:30 am CST

In response to the current outbreak, the state veterinarians’ office in Colorado has issued new transport requirements for horses entering the state. Horse owners wishing to travel to Colorado with their horses must first contact their veterinarian, who then must contact the Colorado state veterinarians’ office to receive a permit number which will be required on the health certificate accompanying the shipment. This policy is being implemented in order to track the origin and destination of horses in order to quickly implement quarantine measures should they become necessary. Here is a link to the press release outlining the new policy:

It is strongly advised that if you are planning any interstate travel with your horse, that you contact the state veterinarians office at your destination to determine if any new policies or restrictions are in place governing the movement of horses. Additionally, if you are planning on attending a show or other horse event, call ahead to be sure that the event is still taking place as scheduled and to determine if any new requirements for entry into the facility have been implemented.

The veterinary teaching hospitals of Colorado State Univeristy and the University of California-Davis have closed their equine and camelid hospital services to non-emergency cases. This is being done in an effort to minimize spread of the virus. These hospitals are NOT quarantined at this time. Washington State University veterinary teaching hospital IS under quarantine at this time due to the presence of a confirmed case that was discharged prior to detection. All horses in the hospital population during that time have to date tested negative for EHV-1.

New Mexico is reporting 2 suspected cases. These horses are under quarantine.

Dr. Paul Lunn of Colorado State University, perhaps the foremost authority on EHV-1/EHM, has given some radio interviews that contain essential information for horse owners regarding the outbreak. Links to the broadcasts are below:

Here is a link to a very informative report from This story includes updates and comments from authorities in numerous states.

Be sure to continue checking in with the AAEP at their EHV-1/EHM Resources webpage. The AAEP continues to update this page with new information and resources daily, particularly in the “Related Items” section.

I will continue to monitor the situation and update you regularly.

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