Thursday, May 19, 2011

EHV-1/EHM Outbreak - Afternoon Update

DVM Newsmagazine reports that 29 cases have now been confirmed in 8 states. The original 400 horses that competed at the NCHA Western Nationals in Ogden Utah came from 29 different states. The state veterinarians in all of those states of origin are working to track those horses and assess their current health status and subsequent movements. Here is a current state by state report from
• Arizona — One confirmed case; • California — 10 confirmed; • Colorado — Six confirmed cases; five that attended the NCHA event and one that was in contact with sick horses; • Idaho — Two dead, no confirmed cases; • Montana — 30-35 horses under observation, no confirmed EHV-1 cases reported; • Nebraska — Five farms quarantined, no cases confirmed; • Nevada — No confirmed cases; • New Mexico — One dead, one suspected and no confirmed cases; • Oregon — One confirmed case; • Texas — 20 under investigation. The one confirmed case was a horse from New Mexico that was taken to West Texas for treatment. • Utah — Five confirmed cases; • Washington — Three confirmed cases; • Wyoming — No confirmed cases
(When I add this up I get 27 cases in 7 states –however, another report states that 4 cases have been confirmed in Canada)

The Wyoming State Veterinarians’ office has issued new requirements for horses travelling to the state. The new requirements include a valid health certificate issued within 72 hours of the time of travel listing a temperature for each horse, and statements by the veterinarian (written on the health certificate) certifying that the horses are not infected, have not been exposed to and are not currently exhibiting clinical signs of EHV-1. A link to the press release is provided below:[1].pdf

The Arizona State Veterinarians’ office has confirmed one case of EHM in the state. The horse is under quarantine at its’ home farm. State officials are attempting to contact the owners of other Arizona horses that competed at the NCHA event in Ogden Utah which is considered to be the epicenter of this outbreak.

In case you haven’t heard…The National Cutting Horse Association has cancelled all NCHA-approved shows for this weekend (May 20-22). Whether or not future shows will still be held is still up in the air. In a letter posted on the NCHA website, the president of the organization asked its’ members to report any reliable news about the outbreak to the NCHA offices in order to help them make the most informed decisions regarding future events. Go to to learn more.

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