Thursday, May 5, 2011

Legends done until next year

We had a good showing at the Legends of Ranching sale last weekend, our horses all went to good homes and the students that trained them were very appreciative of the opportunity to work with some of our horses. We have the next batch getting ready for their turn in Colorado, (we send 4 a year). They have to do a little research work for us before they go, or sometimes they have to stay back to help with growth and development projects for a period of time before they can leave. Our foals from this year are growing like crazy, they are all able to wear a halter and lead fairly well. The next step will be to get them weaned in a couple more months! Unitl then rate of growth is tightly monitored, and we watch them very closely.

This picture is Kool Dory going through the ring at the sale last weekend, the student that trained her, John is leading her.

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