Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Winter!

I don't know about the rest of you in the midwest, but I don't remember the last time we had a storm like this! We have had freezing rain/sleet for almost 24 hours now, there is thunder with the sleet, and we are supposed to get a massive amount of snow by tomorrow morning. We have tried to get as prepared as possible for being snowed in, the picture is Andrea feeding our Thoroughbred girls their afternoon hay in a couple of inches of sleet. Margaret will run checks later in the evening to make sure all of the horses are still doing OK. The barn crew always gets a smile out of the weather people with their recommendations of "do not venture out unless absolutely necessary" or "dangerous conditions outdoors" It doesn't matter what day it is, or what the weather is- if you have horses you better be ready to be out in the worst of it (and like it)! I can't wait to see how much fun we will have tomorrow.......

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