Monday, February 14, 2011

Riding and Research

Well, I had a busy weekend as I took my horse Pizzaz to a dressage show in Wellington, FL. One of the greatest things about south Florida in the winter is the awesome show series for dressage riders and hunter/jumpers alike. And of course, there is the polo action which is fun too.

Our ride on Friday occured in the pouring rain and the footing was so deep and slippery in the warm up that we basically decided not to warm up and just go for it in the ring. I could not get him as collected as we needed to be in the test, but ended up winning our class (only 2 riders at that point) with a 60.5%. On Saturday, we scratched because it was still raining in the morning and the footing was so bad. On Sunday, we rallied for a 65% in Second Level Test 2 and won that class as well. The rain was quite a problem for the many riders in the CDI competition that were trying to get qualifying scores for the Pan Am Games- there was a lot of frustration, worry and upset as riders scratched due to abominable weather and had to withdraw from the competition.

On Saturday night, I went to the $150,000 Spy Coast Farm Jumper Grand Prix at WEF, where our Ambassador Laura Kraut won the competition on the magnificent Cedric! I just love this horse, how Laura just fell in love with him as a young horse and how he really POPS off the ground over every jump. He really has it all- talent, heart, an amazing partnership with his rider and of course, good feed!

I also found out early this morning that a scientific abstract I wrote for the Equine Science Society Meeting was accepted for our upcoming conference. The paper details the insulin sensitivity of our growing foals at the farm fed different diets for their first two years of life. This research helped to develop our new Ultium Growth formulation. Once the paper is published, I will direct you on how to find this info.
Enjoy the pics of my horse and the waterlogged show grounds!

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