Thursday, February 24, 2011


When you work with horses surprise is never in short order. At the last check around midnight neither of the mares we suspected yesterday (Patty or Snakey) was looking much different, and this mare (Lucy) was just kind of hanging out. Lucy is actually the first one due based on a 340 day preganacy, but the other two have been showing more advanced signs of starting the foaling process. Lucy had her filly (107 pounds) at about 4:30 this morning, by 5:45 she was nursing well and fairly stable standing up. This afternoon we will check the foals IgG levels to ensure a good antibody transfer from mom in her colostrum. The filly's sire is Sixes Pick, owned by the 6666 Ranch in Texas. Lucy has been consuming Ultium Growth for the last couple months of her pregnancy, and will continue to consume it through her lactation. This little filly will start to consume Ultium Growth at about 28 days of age and will be raised on this diet up to 2 years of age, at which point she will be switched over to a diet appropriate for a mature horse. We measure growth on all of our foals while they develop. It is always a good idea to have your veterinarian check out the foal and the mare after birth even if everything appears OK, I like to have Dr. Williamson (our staff vet) come look things over and make any necessary recommendations that can help us out. The picture is Andrea saying hi to the new little one at about 3 hours of age. (sorry for the red eye!)

Stay tuned, there might be more fun tonight- you never know.............

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